FASQs (Scholarship Questions)

Prevention Summit

November 4-6, 2012

Frequently Asked Scholarship Questions…

Q: Are scholarships available?
A: Yes. This year with special funding from the Attorney General’s office there will be scholarships available to youth teams with three or more youth attending. The scholarships will be reviewed for eligibility on the date specified on the scholarship application and awardees will be notified no later than the date specified on the scholarhip application. For more information please see the Youth Team Scholarships page.

Q: Should youth still attend the conference if they do not have a team?
A: Absolutely! The Prevention Summit Youth Leadership Track has information and skill-building sessions that are valuable for everyone. Youth who are not apart of a team will be joined with other individuals for group activities and can develop a plan for their own community.

Q: Does every team need a Team Adult Advisor?
A: Yes. Each team must have one Team Adult Advisor. The advisor must also be one of the chaperones for the team.

Q: What role does the Team Adult Advisor have?
A: The Team Adult Advisor will participate in the Youth Leadership Track  and service learning project with their team. They will be available throughout the Summit to guide and support their youth team. They will facilitate the team planning sessions, and assist in developing a community project.

Q: Can a Team Adult Advisor participate in the Adult Track?
A: No, Team Adult Advisors are expected to attend and participate in the Youth Leadership Track with their team of youth. Only one chaperone is required to participate in the Youth Leadership Track with their team. If a youth team is large enough to need more than one chaperone, the remaining chaperones will have the option of attending the Adult Professional Track.

Q: How is a Youth Team Adult Advisor different than a chaperone?
A: The Summit requires that one (1) adult be responsible for no more than three (3) youth. A chaperone that has not been designated to be the Team Adult Advisor will have the option to complete the Youth Leadership Track with their team, or may choose to attend the Adult Professional Track. The designated Team Adult Advisor is expected to attend the Youth Leadership Track with their team to facilitate the team planning sessions, where teams will decide on a project direction and begin to develop a plan for their team.

Q: Is my team too small? Too big?
A: A team can be as small as one youth and one Team Adult Advisor and as large a needed. A team could be set up as “ideally” six (6) youth and two (2) adults (one Team Adult Advisor and one chaperone). Remember, for every three (3) youth, there must be at least one (1) adult. So if your team is very large, be sure there are enough chaperones to follow this rule. Also, in order to qualify for a scholarship, your team must have at least three (3) youth.

Q: Is it okay for a newly-formed youth group/team to attend the Summit even though they have not completed a project together?
A: Yes, we encourage all teams to participate in the Summit. Teams will receive the tools and skills necessary to develop a project for their community during the Summit.

Q: Does a team need to have a project in mind before attending the Prevention Summit?
A: No. If a team already has an idea for a plan before the Summit, that’s great! Teams will receive the tools to go forth and implement their plan once teams are back in their communities.

Q: If I have a large team that has members from several different schools or organizations, do I submit one application for the whole team or separate applications for each school/organization?

A: Please submit only one (1) application per team no matter how large the team may be or if members are from different schools and organizations.  This does not guarantee that the team will receive the number of scholarships needed to accommodate the full team.

Q: When will I find out if our team was selected to receive a scholarship?

A: As per the application, teams, via the Team Adult Advisor, will be notified no later than the date specified on the scholarship application.

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