Cancellation/Substitution Policy

Prevention Summit

October 20-22, 2013

Deadline: October 4 by 5:00 p.m.*

If you are unable to attend the conference, please send a written cancellation notice to CASAT  no later than the deadline for a full refund. If your cancellation notice is received after the deadline a refund will not be possible. Please send a written notice with "Cancellation" or " Substitution" in the subject line.

No "substitutions" are alllowed past this deadline.

This does not apply to youth teams.

EMAIL cancellation notice to:

Please contact CASAT if you have questions.
9 am – 5 pm; Monday – Friday
Toll-free: 877.922.6635

*Due to the nature of funding, it is the registrant’s responsibility to follow up with CASAT within two (2) months after the conference in the event a refund is not received. If a registrant does not follow up on a refund and it is not received, no refund will be possible following this deadline.

Prevention Summit